We Are Your Friends (For £1)

So last night I made probably one of the wisest investments of my adult life and bought Friendship.

I am now a friend of the Conservative Party.  I can officially now be called a Tory.

My new mate Dave, wrote to me straight afterwards:

Dear Mr Winfield,

Firstly, let me offer you a very warm welcome to the Conservatives.

I’m delighted you have taken the decision to help us turn Britain around by
becoming a Friend of the Party. Your membership card will be posted out to you
shortly (within the next month).

As a Friend, you have a vital role to play. The Conservative-led Government
has many challenges ahead before – and including – the next set of elections,
but with your help we can continue to make the case for Conservative values.

The more who join us, the more we can achieve – so please email everyone you
know who would be interested in becoming a Friend of the Conservatives. Together, we can build
a better future for Britain.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

David Cameron

I even get a membership card, for £1.  How cool is that?  And I can attend party conference now (assuming I can afford the admission).  Before you pooh-pooh that idea, there are some hotties that attend party conference.

I am not a fully-fledged member so I cannot vote Boris in but as there will not be a leadership election when Davey-boy wins the Tory majority in 2015, I do not have to worry about this yet.

Given that membership of the Conservative party has plummeted so much in recent years that they won’t dare release the membership figures, I think this is a wise move to engage their potential supporters and grow their base in the coming years.

Here is another one of my new friends:

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