We Don’t Lose Away (and other things that have amused me)

I cannot say that I have had the most inspiring week of my life.

However, there are things that still amuse me.  And I always feel the need to share.  Sharing is good.  Sharing makes one happy.  Spread the love, and all that hippy stuff.

Firstly I have decided that I am going to go to more Hull City away games.  I know football may not be at the higher end of interlect, but I really enjoy the camaradery and the banter of my brothers from Hull. We have shared many decades of dispair, only to find that suddenly things are looking brighter.  I do feel a lot of affinity for my home town, despite the fact that it is still a dump – it is the people that make it (except the large criminal/scrounging/junkie minority).  Anyway, from 38 seconds on this video, I have decided that this song must become my ring-tone.  For anyone not able to translate, it was “we durnt lose awah, we durnt lose awah, we arr ull citeh, we durnt lose awah”.  In reference to the fact that we are now 16 games unbeaten away from home – which comes straight after our record run of games away from home without a win, which I think was 30, perhaps 31.  This is how we roll in Hull.  If we are going to be bad at something, then we like to do it really badly, and we enjoy doing it badly.  But then we might decide to spring a surprise and be surprisingly good.  Need to keep the non-Hull people on their toes, need to keep them guessing.

Secondly, my musical obsession, I cannot stop playing this set by the rather smoky-looking Nina Kraviz, surely the best DJ to come out of Siberia, and my new favourite.  I love her music.  And amusingly she asked to be my friend on Facebook – I thought it was the other way around – I thought I was supposed to stalk the DJ?  I accepted, even though it goes against my rules of not accepting friendship from anyone I have not personnaly met.

I also discovered this rather interesting website called DJ History, and in particular interest is their book reviews.  Having followed dance music pretty much since its popular birth (though I achknowledge its roots do go much further back from 1989), there is still plenty for me to read and learn.  I can come up with quite a reading list there.

Finally, I have just been recommended a holiday which will blow my idea of going storm-chasing out of the water, quite literally.  Basically you get to attack pirates off the coast of Somalia, no charge to hire an AK-47 for the day and 100 rounds of ammo is $14.95.  You do have to pay $800 per day.  Meals not included.  And you get half of your money back if there is not at least 2 hijack attempts.  I’m thinking Ibiza and storm-chasing can wait – lets go battle some pirates – yeeha!  Where is my cowboy hat…

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