What Coals Around Comes Around

Yes fantastic news – 590 coal miners are losing their jobs in Scotland.  Let’s get out on the streets and party, celebrate throughout the night.  I’ll get on the case and get some Facebook events set up.

Dig dong they’ve lost their jobs!

I am being facetious.  The only time I celebrate unemployment is either my own (assuming a nice redundancy package) or every time Chelsea or Blackburn sack another manager as that is hilarious and good for the economy and the transfer of money from Russia/India to the UK.

I actually would like to see the reversal of those expensive European Union regulations that are causing our coal plants to close bringing the potential of an energy crunch – and yes, blackouts.

By the way – which government didn’t invest in energy plants?  I’ll give you one guess.

So despite my political misgivings, I actually support the idea of coal mining in the UK.  Fuck the environment, I’ve been recycling since 1988 – before the word was even in the dictionary.

I will leave you with much wiser words than I can ever manage from the real hero of the underground.

Get digging coal.

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