Where To Go On Holiday Next?

So I’ve reached the “I need a holiday stage” of year, given that it is a whole two months since I was on an aeroplane, and am wondering where to go next.

I have a big list of places that I want to go to, so I don’t need any recommendations. You want the list? Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

San Sebastian
Fareo Isles
Oslo to Bergen
Český Krumlov
Buenos Aires
Tel Aviv

Plus I want to go to every single European Capital Of Culture.


So I have to go back to España. There’s a few Spanish things that I find rather charming, you may have heard me mention it – particularly my love of tapas. And sunshine. And beer. And it being relatively affordable.

Maybe mid-late September would work best, I reckon. I was thinking maybe Valencia or Zaragoza as my friend in Madrid could easily visit me then also…or I could visit her on the train, of course. Bilbao or San Sebastien actually appeal more but are quite a mission on the train to/from Madrid – though it could be quite an interesting adventure – a few days in Bilbao, then get a train to Madrid for a couple of days. Hmmm.

Though the more I think about it, the more Bilbao appeals. Do you still have to wear a mask on trains in Spain?

That said, Bilbao isn’t the cheapest place to stay – £90 is the best I can find for a hotel, or if someone stays with me then £75 a night for Airbnb. On the flip side, flights are £165 including bags, and sangria is practically free in Spain.

I reckon I could do a holiday there for less than £1,000.


A friend of mine moved there 10 years ago and I promised to visit him. Alas I was on shit wages so could never afford it – then as soon as I started earning more – PANDEMIC.

Now I have no excuses, even when I finalise my purchase of an overpriced flat in Croydon.

Anyway, I should go. I’ve been looking at flights – direct with Emirates is a rather ouchie £550, or with one stop in Turkey, flying with low-cost Pegasus is £250. Hmmm. Hotels actually seem pretty cheap in Dubai – if I was going in summer (lol as if) then I can get one for less than £40 a night – a properly really good hotel. They seem closer to £60 in my more likely time of November, but even that seems a good deal…maybe they get cheaper nearer the time?

I’ve not thought about spending money. This is going to be the most problematic one to afford…but I really want to go. I might need a sofa though. Hmmm.

I don’t want to think about how much Dubai would cost, but I guess I could do it for £1,500?


I’ve actually found a place in Oslo doing Sunday roasts called The Little Pickle – it looks great too. Though I even found somewhere in Dubai for a Sunday roast, which includes women dancing in bikinis. Yes I am going to places partly because I can review a Sunday roast. Stop judging.

Anyway, I think the holiday to Oslo is the one I most want to do – and the one I’ve done most research on.

Basically, I want to get the train from Oslo to Bergen, because the landscape looks stunning.

The train is just the price of a pizza and a beer, apparently, but then again a beer is twice the price of London, or something stupid, so I hear. Though interestingly, the NOK has weakened recently, so going to Norway isn’t quite as expensive as in recent years – you can thank their somewhat lower interest rate rises for their weakening currency. Maybe this is a sign?

Flights to Norway are super cheap – I should be able to do it for £150 including bags. Hotels are not cheap – £100 a night, or more if I decide to stop somewhere on route from Oslo to Bergen. If someone comes with me, then Airbnb places come into play, which would take it down to a more respectable £75 a night each.

It does feel like a £1,000 holiday and I might need to buy a sofa. And a breakfast table with chairs. Do I need curtains? Fuck, I definitely need a bed and a mattress.


I think I might need to be realistic. My annual bonus might fund one of them, but I’m also pretty sure that is funding solicitor’s fees, moving fees, a sofa, a bed, a mattress, and various other things I’ve allocated it to, as if I’m a Labour politician promising every week to pay for a new pledge with “oh we’ll scrap non-dom status to fund that”.

Plus, M&S might not pay a bonus. Maybe results aren’t good enough, though I doubt it. Maybe they’ll conclude that because I didn’t stack shelves for 7 days last year, I didn’t do my job as a software engineer sufficiently well and therefore I don’t qualify.

I could always have a month off drinking. That could fund a holiday…or at least the hotel/flights part of it.

Decisions, decisions.

Though since I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve booked a weekend in Wales. And now probably going to Paris in July – though the Eurostar I can fund through 21 years worth of Nectar points, just about.

Possible that I need a spreadsheet more than I need a holiday right now.

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