Who Should I Vote For…Or Who Could I Vote For?

So the remain campaigner that became Prime Minister and definitely was not going to call a general election before 2020 has plucked up the courage to call a general election before 2020.

You know that I am a life-long Tory.  But also a passionate Remainer. And I feel offended, bruised and damaged about Brexit, and the expected destruction to UK society, culture and probably, the economy.

For the first time ever, this is a difficult choice for me on who to vote for.  In fact, for the first time ever there is actually a choice for me to make.  I normally am the only trying to persuade people of whom to vote for.  Now I am the persuadee.

This is my first assessment of who I might vote for, prior to the manifestos/Brexit bullshit being released.

I guess I should start by working out who I cannot vote for.

Firstly I can rule out any of the I’m not racist but I don’t like what my country looks like with higher immigration parties – looking at you UKIP, and anyone else from the same respective basket of deplorables.  Yeah, Hillary, I stole your famous phrase.  Sue me.

I can also very easily rule out the Green Party.  They actually give Corbyn and Labour a run for their money on economic illiteracy – their latest idea was to grant a 3 day weekend and then to increase everyone’s wages arbitrarily for the money they would lose by not working.  Right…

There are no reasons to vote Labour unless you want higher benefits and don’t give a fuck about the national debt.  Corbyn even supports Brexit.  Labour continually cock-up the economy, one only needs to look at Labour’s Great Recession in 2007/08 for a reminder of how disastrous they are.  And now with Corbyn they are actually a bit more socialist, and hence a bit more potentially disastrous.

That said, the Conservatives are now the Brexit Implementation Party, and are dreaming of taking us into a recession of their own.  I certainly cannot support them.  I really do not see how I can vote for the Brexit Implementation Party.

So then there are the Liberal Democrats.  I could vote for them.  In theory.  They are the remain party.  They have a very weak leader but generally agreeable policies for a social and economic liberal like myself.  But would voting for them instead of the Brexit Implementation Party therefore increase the chance of a Labour government?

The Liberal Democrats are not going to win a majority – we are more likely to see Paddy Ashdown eating a hat.  So what would happen if they won a sizable amount of seats such as in 2010 and a coalition was required for a stable government to be formed?  There is no way that they could go into coalition with the Brexit Implementation Party.

Could they potentially govern with Labour?  Even though Corbyn supports Brexit?  My guess is that it could happen with some kind of Brexit-releated fudge.   But if this means that there is a chance of a Lib-Lab coalition, or even a Lib-Lab-SNP coalition, then how can I vote for that?

So I have fairly conclusively ruled out voting for all major and all minor parties.  But I will vote for someone.

Maybe the Bus Pass Elvis party will run in my area.

Or failing that, maybe someone could pay my deposit and I’ll run as a “Fuck Brexit” independent candidate.

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