World Cup Group Stage Predictions

OK, it is the last round of games in the group stages so about time I made some observations.

South Africa have to beat France. They are appalling, though South Africa are not much better. It is most likely that Mexico and Uraguay will draw, Latin American solidarity and all.

Argentina look very good, I hate to say it, and I think they will beat Greece. And South Korea I think are a decent enough team, so they are my qualifiers from Group B.

In Group C, I still have every confidence that England will pull it out of the bag. USA are a good team and I would not be surprised if they reach the semi-finals. OK we played shit against Algeria, but it is only one game. Slovenia have impressed but I think they will crack under the pressure. England and America to qualify.

Ghana are the best African team and I think Germany will not beat them. I am going for a high-scoring draw. Germany are clearing cheating having made the dodgy ball and do not deserve to qualify, though I would rather England be the team knocking them out. And hopefully Serbia will beat Australia to ensure Germany are knocked out.

In Group E, Netherlands will qualify but I haven’t been that impressed by Japan and Denmark who play each other and don’t care who qualifies.

For Group F, Paraguay have impressed me and at 40-1 I think are a good outside bet to win the tournament, each-way. Can Slovakia beat Italy? It would be lovely but I cannot see it.

Brazil and Portugal in Group G. It needs no further discussion.

And finally in Group H, Chile to draw with Spain and Switzerland to beat Honduras, knocking the Spanish out? Wouldn’t that be amusing?!

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