10 DJs I Want To See Before The End of 2012

In no particular order, these are the 10 DJs that I really want to see before the end of the year.  Possibly too ambitious.  If anyone wants to join me on my quest, I would be most honoured.

tINI – Loco Dice’s protégé which I guess says it all, but I had only heard the name until this year when I downloaded a couple of sets by her and she has an excellent underground house style that I am a big fan of, really knows how to construct a set and this young woman is going to go far – especially with her free events in Ibiza too. Yes, the lettering is silly and not just me forgetting I have caps lock on.

Nina Kraviz – I cannot hide the fact I have a crush on this most beautiful woman. Everything about her exudes beauty but it was a mix she did for, I think, Sankeys, perhaps in 2010 that first made me think wow, and it was the best music and mix I had heard for a long time. Then I discovered her productions like “I’m Week”, then for some bizarre reason she added me as a friend on Facebook (yes I decided to go against my rule of not adding people I haven’t met in person!). A truly beautiful woman in every way from looks to personality, but most importantly I love her music and what she does as a DJ.

Heidi – I am a big fan of her jacking house sound, but more than that I love her personality on her Radio 1 show, she has so much enthusiasm for the music and for other artists and DJs, and clearly loves a good party too. I haven’t seen her yet but I can imagine one of her Jackathon nights being so much fun.

Cassy – Prior to 2012 I thought Cassy was over-rated and dull. But I have become very fond of a mix she did early this year for Cielo and was really impressed with her at Cocoon In The Park. I love the house sound so much more than ever at the moment, and she just gets it down to a tee, and is not afraid to mix it up.

Tale Of Us – I just love their music. Both their productions and DJ sets. I don’t think I have seen them, though perhaps I did before I knew who they were. They are a discovery of Seth and co. Their music has so much emotion and feeling to it, I would particularly love to see them in the main room of fabric.

Ricardo – Do I really need to explain why he is on the list? A year without seeing Ricardo is a year incomplete. I need his imagination and his creativity in my life. For one reason or another I have always been busy when he has been playing in the UK this year so far (though missing Bloc was a good thing!), and with no Ibiza appearance planned whilst I am there in September, it is getting dangerously close to having a musically incomplete year.

Loco Dice – My spirits were massively dampened at Cocoon at one point due to the soaking I received, ok, and my stupidity of nothing vaguely waterproof apart, but Loco Dice really kept things pumping, and played the crowd really well – his set was way too short though. I really want to see him play an extended amount of time, 3 hours minimal, but preferably more. One of the 300 person all night intimate tours that he does would be perfect – but tickets are always like gold dust.

Dinky – I have long been a fan of Dinky, but when I saw her totally out-do Sven at fabric a couple of years back, I was totally sold, and every time I download a set of hers I hear so many fantastic house tracks, and several I have long forgotten from my first trip to Ibiza in 1998. I really want to see her again.

Eats Everything – I was massively impressed when he played for Cubed, in Reading earlier this year. Again it was a short set, very short in fact so I want to see him properly to see what he can do. He has a totally unique style, kind of mixing garage with house, and a touch of bass – much more kind of upbeat and Fridayish than my usual music preferences.

Wolf & Lamb – I love their music. Simple. I love the way that they can play underground house and then pull out the theme from Knightrider or something totally unexpected. And sometimes they don’t bother mixing. And the tempo doesn’t stay the same all the time. Imaginative and fun.

Yes, someone is missing.  But I have seen him twice, and will probably see him in Ibiza.  And I prefer house to techno by miles at the moment.  He will be there next year.

And noticeably, 5 girls and 5 guys.  You won’t see 5 girl DJs in the top 100 of DJ Mag.

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