James At The Olympics

I went to the Olympics on Friday. To watch hockey. More accurately, to watch young ladies in short skirts running around with sticks to hit a ball.

I arrived early, in fact I had to get up at 5am, which is surprisingly easier than getting up at 7am for work. I had that “why do I live in Reading” feeling when I arrived, London was so exciting even at that time in the morning. I even got a seat on the Bakerloo line. How often does that happen in the morning?

It was all so well organised, straight through security, everything was laid out really well, loads of volunteers there to help you on your way and such a cheerful vibe, everyone was made to feel welcome.

The Winfields!  I am sure my parents will be delighted to be pictured on my blog.
Anyway, onto the hockey, which is what I had been desperately craving to see all my life.  I used to have to play hockey at school.  I hated it.  But then again, I hated every form of physical exercise.  Not like now where I am always up for clubbing.
We were treated to two games, Belgium vs USA to decide who was the worst team and the second worst, out of 12, and China vs Australia to see who finished 5th and 6th.
It was so boring that the crowd ended up doing a Mexican wave.  I don’t think there has ever been a Mexican wave in Hull.

Actually, it was quite entertaining, and not just because I was watching young ladies in short skirts running around.  For the first game it was a toss-up between supporting the English speaking nation (I had my American flag socks on) or a bit of European solidarity.  Tough choice.  So I had a close look at the young ladies, and soon realised that Belgium were far hotter than USA so supported them.  USA took the lead not long after we sat down, but Belgium came back to beat them 2-1.  Must go there one day, very good looking ladies.

Hockey is admirably skillful.  Watching them control the ball with the stick and dribble like Cameron Stewart (or Ronaldo if you don’t support Hull City) is quite impressive.

The second game after a hog roast and a beer (apparently before 10am is too early for a beer?  wtf?) featured China vs Australia.  Clearly I supported the Commonwealth team, and some of the ladies were hot.  Especially the number 9.  That and a couple of the Chinese team seemed to be men.

She shoots!


Except it wasn’t.  China kept appealing when it went in the goal and it would often be disallowed for ‘dangerous play’.  Eventually Australia proved the best team and came through 2-0.  And China had a last minute goal disallowed.

Here is the number 9.

Time now to educate.  This is Wenlock.  Designed at an East London after-party, one assumes.  One of the proudest moments of my life.

So, has the Olympics inspired me to get involved in sport?  I think you know the answer…

If it isn’t fun, then I am not going to do exercise.  The idea of the gym or running is about as appealing as cross-stitching.  However I am currently about as fat and overweight as I have ever been so at some point something has to give.
Actually, I have for several months, or longer, wanted to play badminton.  This is fun, I like it, and it is competitive.  I would play tennis but clearly I do not have the upper body strength at the moment to play it.  So badminton, or dancing in nightclubs is all I can really think of to do.  And badminton requires a second person to play with.  Not easy to find.  I did try asking a couple of local badminton clubs but they do not accept beginners.
So I guess I will carry on as I am and practice my drinking in time for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in two years time.  I wonder if it is sponsored by Tennant’s Super?
All in all, an excellent day out on Friday, I am so glad I went, and massively appreciative of the ticket from my Dad.  I wouldn’t even rule out watching women’s hockey again one day.  As long as they are wearing short skirts.  And are pretty.
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