2013 Goals

I thought that it was time to formalise my goals for 2013.  Having them in writing is likely to help me focus where required – and in my current case, refocus.

These were what I wrote down at the beginning of the year:

1. Continue to do well at work and beat targets.  At some point though I do need to increase how much I earn.

2. Studying.  I really want to continue to learn web design, in particular CSS3 and also Photoshop.

3. My web sites.  Start updating Ubereadoolische every week and see where I can take it.  Also design and implement www.jameswinfield.co.uk.

4. DJing.  Last year I DJ’d out four times, twice for me and twice for others.  I really want to step this up now I have had my first few sets under my belt and are much improved.

5. Free House Project.  It’s a lot of work and it costs me money but I think I need to have another crack at this.

6. Weather Forecast For Reading Page.  Started on around 35 likes – aim to get at least 100 by the end of 2013.  I need to devise a marketing campaign.

7. London.  Now and again I have this craving to live there, and I think I should at least investigate how much it would cost, what I would need to earn to live there, what accommodation I could afford, etc.  I love the house I am in and am settled but if close friends keep moving away then maybe maybe.

8. Clubbing.  I think clubbing 12 times is a reasonable target.  Maybe sneak Cocoon In The Park in too.

9. Ibiza.  DO NOT GO!  I must go on holiday to somewhere different.  Assuming I can actually afford a holiday.

10. Get On My Bike.  I need to get less unfit.  I should buy a bike and start ramming into some pavement cyclists.  “These are my pavements now”.

11. Badminton.  Getting fit part two.  Finding someone to play with is not exactly easy.

12. Eat Less Gravy – Ha ha only joking but I want to step up recent efforts to cook properly (ie following a recipe and trying new things), from once every 2-3 weeks to at least once a week.

13. Lose weight – I started the year at a hefty 95kg so a fall to 90kg would be nice and now I actually believe I can lose weight, unlike last year where I believed it was impossible.

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