2017 Goals

I had some goals in mind when I started the year, but I didn’t feel like setting any goals – there wasn’t much point in setting half of them when I was unemployed and had next to zero income.

Sure some I could achieve that didn’t cost money, but many goals do involve expenditure.  It seemed pointless – but I had a list in mind.

Now I am a fully-fledged permanent employee, it is time to set some goals for the rest of the year.

I am writing a full set of annual goals as if it were the 1st January.


Lose weight.  My ever un-achieved goal.  This year I really, seriously want to get down to 82kg.  I started the year at 90kg.

37 day detox.  37 years old, 37 days without alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and cake.  And hopefully a reduction in alcohol intake during the rest of the year – I am now counting units drank (and not in an 18 year-old boasting kind of way).

Pie Day.

Get on my bike.  Another one I fail every year, I am less capable of cycling than last year.  If I can do a 9km ride then I will call it achieved.  Alternatively find some form of exercise that I enjoy.

Dating.  Go on one date.


4 new countries.  I only went to 1 last year when the target was 2 – there really was no excuse for not going somewhere else.  Even by myself.  So this year, 4 countries.  Starting with Slovakia in January, and hopefully 3 more.

Top 20 places.  Go to one of the places on my top 20 must-visit list.  And get around to publishing my list!

Random country.  Two years ago I picked Switzerland as my random holiday country (well I picked Somalia first, yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh).  Time to go.

Road trip to Hull.  Take at least 1 friend to Hull for the City Of Culture celebrations.

Cricket.  Go to a new cricket ground, and also see a 20/20 game.

Museums.  Go to some museums – Science and Design museums are top of my list.


Get a coding job and keep my coding job.

Learn Angular or React – both vital frameworks if one is to be a successful coder.

JavaScript.  Continue to expand my JavaScript knowledge and focus on this as much as possible.

Getting paid.  Do my first paid project – doesn’t matter if it is just £100.

Sunshine Design.  Finish my Sunshine Design website and launch my website building agency.  In the event of employment, this will not be my priority.


Roast Dinners in London.  Make Roast Dinners in London the top roast dinners blog in London, and add all the extra functionality that I have in mind for it.

Secret Blog.  Finally launch my secret blog that I am not telling anyone about (unless I get really drunk and you are really attractive).

Election Odds.  Expand and professionalise my blog and hopefully make a few quid out of affiliate links.

Crazy Football Bets.  As above – though I’m less bothered about this.


New PC.  This heap of junk is so slow and keeps crashing.

New phone.  This heap of junk is so slow and keeps freezing.


Give more money to charity.  I don’t give huge amounts and I am not setting my financial target in public, but I want to give more to charity.

Increase savings.  I want to try to increase my savings by £2,000.  Impossible without a job, and probably impossible with a job in London.

Invest.  I want to invest at least a portion of my fairly meagre savings – not sure into what yet.

Political betting.  Invest some more money into political betting, which I am quite good at winning on.


Monthly DJing.  Keep the Dark Matter night and try my hardest to ensure it is the go-to night for underground house/techno in Reading, and that my friends do occasionally visit.

Monthly DJ mixes.  I want to record DJ mixes and release them once a month, if possible.

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