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Dear Society 5

I recently bought two t-shirts from you, I say recently, I mean a few months ago. It was my first purchase from yourselves.

I wore the yellow one for the second time on Sunday, when walking around central London looking at the hot women on holiday in our not so hot capital city. When I drooled onto my t-shirt, I noticed that there was a hole between the main part of the t-shirt and the band around the top – is it a collar?

I had only once previously worn it which was in Ibiza when I went to meet some bloke I had met in a nightclub the night before to buy some very expensive small packs of salt from him – €30 for 0.6g of salt. Can you believe it?

Anyway, I’m not happy with the quality of this t-shirt – the other one is fine.

I don’t particularly want a replacement, as I’ll take it to Hull where my mam lives so she can sow it. Have you ever been to Hull? City Of Culture 2017. You should check it out – London is so passe.



Hi James,

Sorry to hear about the shirt here.  I do love the picture you painted here.

Instead of a replacement, please accept this voucher for $25 off your next order:

Look at that!  Covers the cost of a new shirt.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.  Sorry again for the inconvenience here.

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