4 Months Unemployed…

Well, technically I have only been unemployed for 3-4 weeks now because of that temping job I did just before Christmas.

But it was 4 months since I officially left Verizon.

I am still very positive and confident that I will get a job, and get the right job for me too.

Last week was fairly busy with regards to interviews, agencies, phone calls, job applications, etc but this week has gone a bit crazy – I think I have had about a dozen phone calls with agencies about various jobs in just two days, and 3 interviews so far with yet another one booked in for tomorrow afternoon (which was a particularly interesting job with a particularly long application form), and awaiting to hear back from two other jobs for a possible interview, one temporary and one a 12 month contract (another really interesting looking job, different to what I have done before and very, very nice money and a superb company to work for).  Not to forget the finance consulting job which keeps getting put back but for which I have been accepted for and is silly money, for me anyway.

A mixture of interviews this week with a mixture of success.

The first one was for a recruiting company – I won’t get that though, they are looking for someone with a minimum of 6 months sales or recruiting experience and he didn’t ask me about two thirds of the questions on the sheet he had nor write much down so that is a no brainer that I won’t get that.  Not convinced recruitment would be for me either – in some ways yes but I think it would take up too much of my spare time.

I had a telephone interview yesterday for a role, I don’t have much to say, it is an appealing role but I would like to find out more about it first, which I would do if I am successful to go to the next stage.

And finally today I had an interview in Marlow.  I booked it yesterday not realising that there is only one train an hour from Reading to Marlow and it arrives at 1 minute past the hour – I tried to speak to the agency to ask them to advise the interviewer about the train times and that I could not make it on the hour and that I would be a few minutes late – but no she refused to do so, and was rather rude and blunt to the point where I nearly decided to fuck the interview off but sense prevailed and I went.

Sense however disappeared when I stomped off the train, it was only a 3-4 minute walk to the offices which is nice however I was walking so fast that I didn’t see the turn (it is literally about a 320 degree turn to the right out of the train station down a lane so walking quickly ahead to the road junction, I didn’t see it, and turned right at the road junction and wandered for a while before realising.

So I was 15 minutes late.  Doh.

Apart from that thought I think I did really well, and I am really glad that I didn’t let someone’s rudeness get the better of my slight impatience earlieer today as they did a really good job in convincing me about the company, the role and the team.  Fingers crossed that my lack of punctuality doesn’t score too badly against me.  Balls, balls, balls.

Karma struck anyway as I was 3 minutes late for the train back to Reading so I had a wander around Marlow for the first time in my life – it was really nice!  A bit posh too.  I would fit in well there.

Anyway so things really are looking up with regards to the job market at the moment, lots going on for me 🙂


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2 responses to “4 Months Unemployed…

  1. So you actually planned to turn up late to the interview, rather than waste a valuable hour of your free time?

    I suspect a rather lengthier period of unemployment beckons…

  2. You may well be correct, Mr Anonymous, sadly the agency were unco-operative.

    Lesson learnt – next time I have an interview in a strange place, I will check train times before agreeing an interview.

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