7 Days Of Freedom

Can you believe that it is not far off a month since I have written to my main blog?

That is how busy and tired I have been recently.  I just need to relax and become myself once more.

So I have taken a week off work.  Mainly to chill out and recover – I haven’t had a week off since October.

I have lots of plans:

1. Chill the fuck out.
2. Sunbathing
3. Storm chasing
4. See the Queen
5. Get a hair cut.  Will the mullet stay or go?
6. Study.  Lots of JavaScript.
7. Start a new blog or two, hopefully getting my head around WordPress to expand my skills.
8. Finish sorting out the garden.
9. Decide if I am definitely going on this damn expensive holiday to Croatia next month.
10. Do some holiday shopping.
11 . Get on my bike.  The least likely one to happen!  I’ve only owned it for a year.
12. Have a beer.  Or two.
13. Start my web design company.

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