A Collection Of Election Thoughts

This is an old blog – created when I was defiantly a Conservative.  Possibly the only one from Hull.  Hence the name.

Now there are more Conservatives in Hull.  And I am no longer a Conservative.

In my heart I am a Conservative – but as I’ve made clear over the past couple of years, the party has moved so far away from me that I struggle to recognise it at times.  I do want to vote Conservative and if I don’t vote for them this time, I want to feel able to in the future.

So this page is currently going through a transition from The Only Tory From Hull, to Exiled Tory Remoaner Scum.  I have only just started the rebrand, so please forgive.

1. I don’t want anyone to win.

2. Boris Johnson is spectacularly unfit to be Prime Minister.  However there is one person a whole universe ahead of him in unfitness to be Prime Minister.

3. Yes, that person is Jeremy Corbyn.  IRA, Venezuela, communism, anti-semitism – yadda yadda I am sure you have heard it all before.  He is a present and serious danger to the UK, both economically and in terms of defence – but especially economically.

4. Some people are voting tactically.  I would also like to vote tactically – to STOP CORBYN.

5. If I was in a swing Conservative/Labour seat, I would definitely vote Conservative, albeit whilst holding my nose.

6. Alas, I’m living in a seat where the Labour candidate got 60% of the vote last time, a share that keeps increasing every election since he was elected in 1997.  Someone called Gareth Thomas.  No, barely heard of him either.

7. So it doesn’t matter who I vote for – Labour will win my seat.

8. There is real social pressure in London not to vote Tory.

9. I’m sick of reading patronising and offensive shit like this on Twitter – calling all working class Tory voters indescribably thick.

10. This kind of thing makes me feel a sense of belonging towards the Conservatives.  This isn’t just a one-off – Twitter is plastered with leftie nastiness.  Who the fuck do these people think they are?

11. Boris Johnson is still a lying, cheating bastard.  And I respect him even less for ducking interviews.  I do feel that he is being controlled by the machine of Dominic Cummings though.

12. I am totally uninspired by Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrat manifesto.

13. I assumed that I would vote Liberal Democrat at the start of the campaign.  I was 95% sure.  I’m probably 60/40 now towards voting for Liberal Democrat.

14. Normally I head out to vote first thing.  Normally I know who I am voting for.  I don’t think I will be able to.

15. I’d be very happy with low turnout – I stand to win £130 if it is under 60%.  Also had a smaller bet on 60-65%.

16. I’d also be very happy if some of the most Brexity types lost their seat – Redwood, Mogg, etc.  Yes I have some money on some of those too.

17. A hung parliament would amuse me – after all, Conservative members voted Boris because they thought he’d win an election.  No bet on this, but I did get 149-1 on a 2020 election – a good proxy bet for a hung parliament, possibly.

18. If the hung parliament led to a Corbyn government, then I would start looking at where else to live.  Not great timing though as I want to work in my current role for a minimum of 2 years – ideally longer.  I did do a search for software engineer roles in Spain the other day.  Alas, everything was in Spanish.

19. A Boris Johnson victory would also amuse me in that Twitter would go into meltdown – it pretty much already has and it would be hilarious.

20. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for.  Vote for what you feel is right for the country – or just for you and your family.  I always vote for what I feel is right for the country – I’ll get by whatever, even if I have to move to another country.  I refuse to chastise people for voting differently to me and I will try my hardest to respect your vote, even if I steadfastly disagree.

21. This election campaign has been shit.

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