A Collection Of Post-Election Thoughts

1. I struggled to decide who to vote for on Thursday.  Really struggled – I expected some kind of support for Liberal Democrats from other remainers, but most plumped for socialism instead.  Boris’s behaviour and Brexit were why I turned away from the Conservative Party, but I felt myself coming back to the fold, the more I saw socialist thoughts and general arseholeness from entitled lefties.

2. In the end, I e-mailed both the local Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidate.  The Liberal Democrat candidate e-mailed me back – she was honest in her belief for campaigning against house-building that doesn’t have enough car parking spaces (like we need more cars???) but agreeable on other points I raised.  I appreciated her honestly.

3. Also she is German and, I think, a lesbian.  I would be a lesbian if I had a sex change, so I could identify.  She got my vote.

4. As was 99.5% likely, the Labour candidate won in my area.

5. I was super-nervous before the exit poll.  More nervous than I had been about anything in a long time.

6. I did let out a squeal of joy when I heard the result.  I was amused by the idea that the Conservatives do better the less that I want them to win.

7. I feel a bit more like a Conservative again.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps because of all the bullshit from those having a leftie meltdown.  I am particularly offended by people saying things like “all working class Tories are thick”.  Those are my people.  Fuck off you pretentious, self-absorbed twatts.

8. The Conservative Party trolling game is top-notch at the moment.  I laughed at the idea of them being the People’s Government (so Mao) and their “make no mistake – Get Berxit Done” was just class.

9. I despise them both, but kudos to Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson for their victory.  Get Brexit Done was even more effective than Take Back Control – or Yes We Can.  Very, very simple and very, very clever.  Begrudging respect – like when your local rival football team do something really damn good.

10. Corbyn should be toast.  All the polling suggests that by far he was the main reason that Labour lost the election.  Not Brexit – as the Momentum spin is trying to weave.

11. I cannot think of any other leader in recent British political history that has had such a disastrous defeat, yet has not immediately resigned.  Yet Corbyn is staying on so they can have a “period of reflection”.

12. I cannot think of any other socialist in the world that stepped down after any form of election victory.  Socialism always fails, and needs democracy to be undermined or outright destroyed to survive – socialism goes against natural human will.  Though Corbyn is staying on so they can have a “period of reflection”.

13. Labour are almost certainly toast next election too.  I don’t think any political party have ever overturned such a deficit.  I’d love to see another party become the opposition, but that ain’t going to happen under First Past The Post.

14. If Labour want to stand a chance of reducing the Conservative majority next time, they have to elect a centrist – someone with star power – and someone who is a reflection from Boris Johnson.  I’d suggest Jess Phillips is their best current chance – though hated by a good chunk of Corbynistas – and they have the power, especially because of the “period of reflection”.  However, she has matured in the last year or so from being a total gobshite, and I feel her personality could get under Boris Johnson’s skin.

15. Certainly they need someone to hold Boris Johnson to account.  He consistently avoids scrutiny and has done all his election-winning delivery-failing political career.  Someone who is a joke to everyone, or a total lightweight, will not do this.  All people, no matter their political persuasion should desire this. Corbyn was a disaster for all political life in this country.

16. Brexit is over.  It isn’t done – and won’t be for years, but the argument is over.  I’ve long severely disagreed with it, but I’ve also long accepted it – and argued for a hard Brexit so that its failure will be clear and proven.  And a possibility to rejoin in a “fuck we were actually wrong about invading Iraq” kind of way.

17. Despite not being able to vote Conservative, it feels like there is clarity.  It probably was a good idea to have a General Election – no matter how much I didn’t enjoy it.  It was the least worst plausible outcome for myself.

18. I don’t know what to hope for now.  Some kind of reconciliation?  Maybe there isn’t any hope – just acceptance that we have a way ahead.

19. And a huge fucking amount of relief that the British public, especially my dear fellow northerners, have rejected socialism.

20. I guess Maggie will be delighted about yet another defeat for socialism.  A shame we actually had to fight it in the first place – and unless we solve the housing crisis, I feel it will need fighting again.

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