A Day In London With No Beer

I like to extend my birthday celebrations as long as possible, so 10 days after my actual birthday I headed to London to meet my sister.  Shoreditch, to be exact.  On day 2 of my detox, to be exact.  Much more sober than those asking me for money.  I don’t give to those begging on the street and certainly will not be contributing to their merriment if I am not allowed.  Rant over.

First stop was a roast.  It was National Yorkshire Pudding Day so I had an extra Yorkshire Pudding and they were the best.

I wanted to have the beef but alas, it was cooked in ale.  This detox malarky really is dull isn’t it?  It is pork belly in case you cannot tell.

Next up was to fulfil a long held dream.  For nearly a year I have dreamt of going to the Emirates.  No, not that football stadium full of nobheads who don’t know what real football is.

The Emirates Cable Cars.

It rocked.  From side to side.

We followed this with a walk around the Millenium Dome – my mate at work, Steve, reckons that there is this really upcoming musician called Taylor Swift so we went to get a photo with her to make him jealous.

One for the credibility bank I reckon.

Then we decided to downgrade a bit.  Guess where we are?

Yes you got it, the Tate Modern.  Just how good is this piece of art?  I took some flash photography in an attempt for our misery to be cut short (being on a detox I cannot do drugs in front of the security).

Alas we did not get thrown out, 15 minutes of being a dickhead was enough so it was time to find a scone.  Pronounced SCONE.  Not SCON.

Just look how artistically laid out that is.

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