And Today’s Forecast Is…Embarrassing

I take every opportunity possible to ridicule the Daily Express for their sensationalist front page weather forecasts.

So imagine my horror when I read this article on a local news website, quoting James Winfield, with the headline of:

Get ready for the snow – up to 12 inches predicted for the Thames Valley.

It stems from me posting a piece of model output which I thought I made clear was exceptionally unlikely, and it was to show the range of model outputs and why weather forecasting isn’t that easy.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have posted it – I see why it was misleading and it totally wasn’t my intention.

So I have been “Daily Expressed” and of course taken a fair slagging off from a few people, which is guess is to be expected on the internet.  However I have also had some support from my regular readers which is heartening.

And they do say that all publicity is good publicity.  I have gone from 240 followers to 324 in a day.  I will hopefully see the funny side soon.

I guess this is my 15 minutes of fame?  I don’t like it!

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