Ah ah ah ah staying in?

It’s that time of week where with nothing special planned for the weekend, I need to think about whether I go out or stay in.

Staying in is a very attractive prospect. I have lots of things coming up – Free House Project, tINI and Guti, drunken catch up with my lovely friend Julie whom I have known nearly 15 years, Ellie’s leaving drinks plus more I am sure that I have forgotten to list so a rest and time to catch up on all those household jobs would be very welcome.

Also my bank balance is closer to zero than three figures – not to mention that if I want a weekend away, let alone a holiday during 2013 then I do need to stay in some weekends and save. Or enter a thousand competitions for holidays.

However the last time I attempted a weekend in, I made it until 2pm on the Saturday and temptation proved too much, beers bought and adventures begun.

I am just not very good at staying in and staying sober.  I am a bad influence upon myself.

There are lots of exciting things to do if I stay in. For example, I need some new coat hangers (pink or lilac…tough one), some boring socks for work and some new blank CDs. Oh yes I kind of need to burn some CDs for next Saturday and prepare Free House Project for public consumption.  Maybe I could do a roast dinner?  That would be innovative.  My room needs dusting.  Still haven’t caught up with washing and ironing from Christmas.  Oh and I need to work out why my website isn’t working.

Staying in sounds appealing doesn’t it?


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