Ahh Much Better!

Ahh, that interview went well – I probably shouldn’t say that as I thought that the interview the other day went badly but yet I got invited back for the second interview.  To be fair, I don’t think the interview the other day went that badly thinking about it again – just more of a case that I could have done better and didn’t quite live up to my own expectations.

Fingers crossed that one of the two I am going for come off – both are different – and both I have a good feeling about – and both (I wish I could think of a different word, grrr) are jobs and companies that I feel I would fit in well with.  I’ve not had that feeling about a job I have interviewed for since the one last year that I thought I would get – but I didn’t get it so I won’t get my hopes up.

Either way, I performed well and that is what matters – one cannot always expect the desired result but as long as I executed the process well and improved and learnt from before – that is what matters.

Apart from that, the job market is dry at the moment, so little around over the last week or so – sure I have applied for jobs but not anything that particularly caught my eye.  Apart from the Nuclear Technician job, of course, though I doubt I will get an interview for that as I have don’t have enough experience.

At least I won’t get told that I have too much experience for the Nuclear Technician role.  That drives me nuts – sorry you cannot have the role you want as we are going to employ someone less experienced than you.  I am seriously considering re-writing my CV to make me look like an inexperienced stupid uneducated plum.

Because apart from watching The Simpsons, I don’t know much about nuclear energy.  And I don’t even watch The Simpsons any more.  Family Guy totally ruined it for me.  My sense of humour has been warped way too far.

Anyway it is the weekend, and no rest for the wick-head…

Photo of me drinking candle wax from the burnt candle wick – no rest for the wick-head – funny?  No?

No, perhaps not.

Anyway, another weekend another birthday to celebrate – and for the second weekend in a row it is not my birthday that I am celebrating either.  And at the Oakford.

I will be hogging the celebrations again soon though when I get a new job.  It will happen.  I ain’t giving up yet, no way hoezay.

Especially as I now have had to resort to Imperial vodka as it is £3 cheaper than Smirnoff as a pre-bar drink.  It ain’t a pretty situation.  I might even have to try those 39p energy drinks rather than Red Bull at this rate.  Poor me.

ps If any potential employers are reading this, I do not drink candle wax – it was just a pose for the cameras.

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2 responses to “Ahh Much Better!

  1. At least youre not yet back to the good old student days of Grants Vodka and Red Rooster!! 😉
    Good luck with the interviews.

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