Pissed Off With Job Hunting!

Maybe it is just a comedown from a very fun-packed weekend but I am getting rather pissed off with being unable to get a job.

I’m either too unconfident, too inexperienced, too experienced, too technically minded, easily bored or not not enthusiastic enough.

I think the negativity is starting to have an impact as I had another interview today and I really feel that was my worst interview performance ever, I just did not flow, mumbled my words and just wasn’t myself.

I want to give up but I cannot. I’m too stubborn.

Apart from that minor issue everything is tickety boo, I’m getting lots of enjoyment out of life, learning new things like cooking properly – I’m going to attempt making my own roast potatoes tonight rather than aunt bessies and my new website that I created all by myself is on the internet – ask me if you want a preview as it isn’t finished so I’m not promoting it yet.  And of course my DJing – any excuse to plug my mixes!

The thing that does worry me is not having enough money to enjoy life…I have to be really careful now and it won’t be long before I cannot go out 🙁  Needless to say I failed at spending just £67.50 last week – all was good until Friday, I had spent just £30 and had enough food to last until Monday…but my good friend JP had a birthday and budgeting kind of went out of the window, probably not by much, maybe I spent £100.

So the pressure is much more on now…I need a job.

But I really don’t see me getting one – I am somewhat exasperated and stuck for ideas.

However I have just bought something to cheer me up – I bet you cannot guess what it is?

I really wanted to buy a bottle of vodka and get smashed however I cannot justify the expense.

And I have exciting plans for tomorrow evening that I don’t want to ruin with a hangover anyway.

You guessed wrong, didn’t you?

Ha ha!

Though I will be having gravy in an hour – if blogging and donuts don’t turn my junting frown around then gravy is guaranteed.

So, to summarise – junting is shit and pissing me off, but the rest of life is really good.  And I am getting desperate – maybe I should consider sacrificing my beloved single life and get a rich wife.

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