Anaesthetising Women

According to scientists, women can be anaethetised from painful symptoms by looking at a photo of their loved one.

So, seeing as women seem to cause all the painful moments in my life, and for some bizarre illogical way that makes no sense to me I still love women (I admit to all my female readers you are a source of delight too), I thought I should do something positive, given the above scientific advice, to try to ensure that I receive more delight than pain in the future.

So, here goes:

I trust that this will be enough, though the article does go on to say that hugs have an excellent affect too, and I do like a good hug, and I won’t let my male readers down either – I offer hugs and man hugs (those ones which are less of an embrace and more about patting the other’s back in a manly fashion).

I have my one to one this afternoon at work which could be interesting, especially seeing as I have to admit my performance isn’t up to my usual standards at the moment in one or two areas, like my punctuality for example which is very strange seeing as out of work I pride myself on it.  I think it all boils down to a lack of motivation, which stems from being unhappy at work.  I hope for a positive and fruitful discussion, but equally I am aware of the potential for something not positive, given my frustration from going from a job where I met and normally far exceeded all expectations to one where I am not meeting all expectations and I don’t understand why this is the case.  It isn’t exactly as if I like making my life easy!

I daren’t even promise to improve my punctuality given how hard I am finding it to get out of bed in the morning.  I don’t trust myself to be able to do it even though I really want to!

Although my confidence at work is much reduced from normal, I’m not overly worried as I know that despite my imperfections, I have been successful for the majority of my career so far and it will come back.  It would be nice if it happens whilst in my current role as I don’t want to let myself down let alone the company I enjoy working for, but there will always be other opportunities for me if one day I finally admit defeat and look for something else that I can once again be a success in, and get my motivation and desire to do my very best back to what it used to be.

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