Back From Hull & Wedding Planning

So in case you hadn’t worked it out, I am back from Hull, and feeling refreshed and re-aligned. Or I was on Monday afternoon anyway until I realised that no bank holiday weekend should go without a bit of a session, shame I picked the night before work to do it, oops.

Anyway, there is nothing like a trip to Hull to remind me of why I live in Reading.  I would like to think that my temporary unsettledness of the mind last week has been put to rest for a while.  The BBC have been writing about how tough life is there, I do have things very easy.  Though perhaps there is a reason that things seem relatively easy and that is the previous years of hard work, good decisions and education.

I don’t have too much to report from Hull, it was just decent time spent with the family, me and my sister went to Withernsea for 30 minutes (I will do a separate blog to show the highlights), I went to watch the most appallingly terrible defending in a football match that I have seen in some time as the play-off hopes for my football team, Hull City, faded very quickly.

Oh and I had a Sunday lunch at a pub. Note to chefs in pubs down south – this is what a roast dinner should look like.  Note the quantity of food.  Stop ripping me off you tight southern bastards.

Oh and I have applied for Olympics tickets. Going with the folks.  Really hoping to see some people running or something.  Should be inspiring.

So back to Reading, all is well and good, as it should, and as it really always was.

Looking forward to this weekend. Friday I do want to go to London to get involved with the Royal Wedding stuff (why I am not invited, being a King, I do not know, but hey), and then afterwards I was thinking about taking it up a notch and going to Public Life, yes Royal Wedding to a toilet, that is the way to do it surely?

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