James Went To Withernsea

Some say it is grim up north.  I am here to try to prove otherwise.

On my recent Easter break in the city of Hull, myself and my sister decided to go to the seaside – it was a very warm 18’C in Hull so we needed to cool down.  Thankfully, Withernsea offered a pleasant sea-breeze from the North Sea, and temperatures of 12’C.

This is the beach.

Then there is the entertainment area, with a variety of amusement arcades.  I spent 44p playing the slots.

We had a walk along the high street too, which was bustling with activity.

And we had a look in the local shops.

We could have stayed the night in the hotel, but being a tiny bit more accustomed to temperatures higher than 12’C it was best that we didn’t spend too long in the lovely sea air.

There used to be a pier in Withernsea, but a few ships crashed into it in the 19th century.

It is a shame that we seem to have missed the biggest event of the year so far, which was reported in the Hull Daily Mail, as a 150m knitted scarf was wrapped around the lighthouse.

So, on my UK 2011 tour, I have been to Watford and Withernsea, I guess I should continue the W theme.  Where next?  Widnes?  Woking?  Wolverhampton?  Who knows…

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