A Balancing Act

Regular readers will have noticed a dramatic fall in the amount of blog posts, not just on this blog but all 6 of them since I started working full-time again. I am even seriously considering stopping my weather forecasts.

This is not the only area of my life that is suffering whilst I am struggling to manage my time.

Such is the importance of being successful in my new job, I am not even blogging during work hours now…though I did write this on my lunch break after my stuffing balls.

I have three priorities at the moment:

1. Passing my 3 month probationary period in my new job. I think I am doing well, the figures show I am doing very well – but neither myself or the collections figures have the casting vote. But all slightly hesitantly good so far.
2. Learning to DJ. I have hardly touched my decks in the last 5 weeks.
3. Learning web design. I haven’t touched any of my web sites I am developing, nor learnt any code in the past 5 weeks.

I have however spent plenty of money and gone out lots, even during the week. I seem to be averaging 4 nights a week at the moment.

I need to rebalance my life, and I want to rebalance it. I want to spend more time and energy on DJing and web design, as they are major things that I want to achieve this year. I would love to do some more artwork but I really just do not see when I will get time for it.

So it might mean that I socialise a little less. I really want to keep the weekends for fun, and for the weekdays to be solely for productivity. I need to stay in more so don’t be offended if I turn your invites down to concentrate on my future…it is all for the long-term good 🙂

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