Sascha Dive @ 93 Feet East (free entry!)

I saw this on Thursday night and e-mailed my most regular clubbing partner on the off-chance that she might be up for it…even though it was supposed to be my first proper chill-out weekend of 2012.

She said yes.  So I put our names on the guest-list, and it being a Saturday day-time party I decided to stay up all Friday night.  Will I ever learn?

Saturday day-time clubbing is the way forward.  Whenever I go clubbing in the evening I tend to have spent about the past 8 hours drinking as I get too excited too early.  On Saturday I had two bananas and some orange juice before entry.  And one solitary pint.

We probably got  in around 4pm, I didn’t check but I know the bouncer inside was relaying the latest football scores – oh a quick word on the security, absolutely spot on, friendly on the door, they wanted people in there, they were hidden inside and just let the party get on.  Take note, Reading venues.

The crowd was spot on too, a fairly young crowd but a musically knowledgeable crowd, many a time a whoop or 100 went up with tracks I had never heard of that just devastated the floor – but the clear winning track was the Jamie Jones/P.Diddy ‘Tourist Trap‘.  And some very good looking girls – a much better ratio than fabric.

The music was absolutely spot on all night and had a good variety too, from good quality underground deep house to jacking kind of Chicago house, plenty of devastating basslines but definitely not too many, a smattering a Jamie Jones style disco, some older disco, some garage including a few 90’s classics which had the whole crowd singing, and a little twisted techno later on.  I really didn’t want to stop dancing all night though it was hot inside and my feet did tire later on…I need more practice!

I cannot actually tell you which DJ was playing when, nor when Sascha Dive was on (the warm-up for Sven in May) but I can tell you every one of them was totally on the ball.  Though the DJ in the second room later on when it opened really could have done with taking his eyes off his laptop and look vaguely like he was enjoying himself.  I think he hated every minute.

And this is possibly the cheapest ever club event I have been to in London.  Free to get in (free!!!), £15 travelcard, three beers, two bottles of water, an orange juice and a sandwich.  I probably spent around £40.  I don’t even spend that little in Reading on a night out.

One thing is for sure though that I don’t think I could live in East London – I don’t seem to share their penchant for ill-fitting clothes, nor have a moustache and my side-parting is only a half-hearted attempt – not a fully combed and waxed on affair.

Oh and another thing is for sure…you just couldn’t replicate that in Reading.  Impossible.

I have to go back asap.

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