Being a Dickhead’s Cool

I don’t have much to say.  It has not been a hugely exciting or inspiring week.  I’m tired and perhaps marginally below average on the happiness scale, but nothing that cannot be rectified by a good night’s sleep tonight, and a couple of beers and a bit of socialising tomorrow.  I’m dreaming of those days of sunshine, those long summer evenings.  I just want to sit in the sun, with a beer, feeling good.  Just for a few hours.  I am craving sunshine so badly!  Patience is required though.

I do however have the Visionquest night at fabric coming up next Saturday, which I am very excited about.  Really looking forward to seeing Seth Troxler and his bats next Saturday, along with Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson.

And the week after, of even more excitement, is the chance to see Ricardo Villalobos at fabric.  Last March he totally blew me away.  Just too good.  I absolutely have to go again.

This is after all, what I live for.  With a bit of luck, once these two fantastic nights are out of the way, then the weather might be starting to look a little more promising and we go into my favourite time of the year which is spring and early summer.

Until then, I have a week or so to plough through.  Until I can join the ‘dickheads’ of East London in trying to be cool.  Seth Troxler is cool.  He thinks all the cool kids are in London, so he must be cool.  I don’t mind not being cool, as my thighs are too fat for purple leggings.  This video parady song of the East London ‘dickhead’ scene thoroughly amused me, it is less than three minutes, you might enjoy it.

Have a pleasant weekend x

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