Themes From Vapourspace

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “Why did I buy that?”.  This time, I don’t even have the excuse of inebriation, given the parlous state of my finances.

No, but I can blame Sven.

I found this video of Cocoon (Frankfurt) from New Year 2010/11, and it is typical Sven Vath at his typical suspense building, thunderous techno best.

The track is by Vapourspace, whom I have never heard of.  Probably for a good reason, seeing as their album came out in 1993.

After being inspired by track names such as “Gravitational Arch Of 10” and “Degaussing Atmospheric Charges”, and also seeing a picture of the producer, Mark Gage (below), I just knew that I had to add this album to my burgeoning CD collection.

Take note, Sven, above is how a techno god should look like.

I have nothing else to say.
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