Best Birthday Ever!

I am pretty sure that was my best birthday ever.  I seem to surpass myself every year.  Life really does get better as you get older (as long as you want it to, and you allow it).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always have this kind of apprehension before my birthday – will people want to come and celebrate it with me?  Silly really, because every year I seem to surpass expectations and the previous year – or perhaps more accurately those who help me celebrate it make sure it is better than the previous year.  Maybe that is just par for the course having a birthday the weekend before payday in January but having a birthday on this weekend suits me and my love of being awkward.
I may have lost count slightly but there were certainly 5 celebrations over a week.
First was last Saturday at fabric, a superb night out as fabric always is, and for the first time in many years, and possibly ever, I timed a spot of clubbing for my birthday (a night at Mango a few years back with 50 chavs on a bus from Basingstoke does not count), with some of my favourite people in the world and brilliant clubbing partners, even if we did lose one 😉  And an introduction to fabric for one of their newest members now!
Then a pie on Wednesday – oh I do love pies, and an introduction to Sweeney Todd’s to my favourite Eastern European 🙂  And a miraculous cure for the most dreadful UK drought just in time for my birthday 😉
Friday was a trip to the Oakford (just for a change) with two fabulous friends who couldn’t make it on Saturday, and a few that could but love going out at any excuse 😉
Then Saturday was a great day out at the football – big thanks to my sister for said birthday present, and to the linesman/referee for allowing a goal which many other officials would not have allowed.  It was a goal, by the way, just because the offside player moved towards the ball does not mean it is offside, according to the new rules – the player who wasn’t offside then ran and scored the goal.  Silly Reading for not playing on until they heard otherwise.
And then for the highlight of the night which was the Oakford, I had a great time, lots of dancing, and escaping the music at other times (it is Reading – music I love doesn’t happen often, though the Oakford usually have a good crack at it and pleasing everyone else too not just my awkwardness).  Thanks for everyone who bought me a drink and thanks and apologies to those who offered to buy me one but I turned down because I had way too many offers to be able to drink them all and I was wrecked to the point where I thought I was going to have to go home at one point, oops!
And big thanks to the after-party host and those who came and dragged my reluctant sister there, he he!  And especially those who danced like lunatics to my mix – it has been great to get plenty of compliments for my mixes so far but to have people dance to them and go wild and not be pretending to love them just to massage my still quite small DJing ego was really, truly special – I know how my fellow, far more experienced DJs feel when they get people dancing.  I promise I will be DJing out at some point this year, at least once.
I’m going to release a new mix very soon, hopefully later this week – I had recorded it but a couple of ridiculous amendments are required and one change.
And not forgetting the 100+ people on Facebook who wished me a happy birthday, which is quite amazing for a birthday on a non-working day!
And of course to my parents for ensuring my existence and survival in the dangerous lands of Hull and for paying for me to escape and get drunk for two years solid at university 😉
And for the most appropriate birthday card from my sister – peas and politics, hatred and love.
Oh and a roast at the Oakford yesterday though must remember to ask for more gravy next time!  Thankfully I had two pots of my favourite gravy bought for me for my birthday so I can make up for it tonight.  By the way, the Oakford roasts are so much improved now.
I couldn’t have done it any better, still on such a high – much love xxx


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  1. good blog 🙂 and glad you had a brilliant weekend 🙂

    I could of provided pictures of pip the dog i have about 100 i think i tried to kidnap that dog ha !! so cute!!

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