Blue Labour…Seriously

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.

The Labour Party, became New Labour, and has now become Blue Labour.

I quote from Wikipedia “It advocates the belief that working class and ‘squeezed middle’ voters will be won back to Labour through more conservative policies on certain social and international issues, such as immigration and crime, a rejection of neoliberal economics in favour of ideas from guild socialism and continental corporatism, and a switch to local and democratic community management and provision of services, rather than relying on a traditional welfare state that is seen as excessively ‘bureaucratic’.”
So, Labour seem to accept that the Conservative way of doing things is the way to get them elected.  Even the Socialist Party think it is ‘suspiciously Tory’
How long before this clicks with some of the Labour MP’s and they just defect to the Conservatives in that case?  Shall I get writing?  Does anyone remember or know any sensible Labour MPs?
I doubt that you remember but I did suggest the idea of a Conservative – Labour Coalition government shortly before the 2010 general election.
Maggie will be smiling today.  So am I.

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