Celebrate American Independence Day? No thanks.

Dear Employer

As you may know, I definitely enjoy working for you, I have absolutely no preference as to what nationality my employer is, I am happy to work for an American firm as such, just as I would a firm from any other location.

However, please do not ask me to celebrate American Independence Day.

Do the Germans celebrate Victory In Europe Day? No.
Do the French celebrate the Batte Of Trafalgar? No.
Do the Palestinians celebrate the 1967 war with Israel? No.
Do the Argentinians celebrate the re-capturing of the Falkland Islands? No.
Do the Pakistanis celebrate the creation of the independent state of Bangalesh? No.

Yes, perhaps I should get over it, especially as it was about 235 years ago. I am perfectly happy for America to have independence from Great Britain, and I very much admire how your country has grown in the years since and am very appreciative of the help you gave my country and many others during World War 2.

However, I do not feel I can support American Independence Day.

I will however be quite happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with you later in the year – especially if you give me a free day off.  Though I’d settle for a turkey sandwich.

I hope you understand.

All the best.
James Winfield

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