I’ve heard a bit about people feeling better after giving up bread recently, and I have noticed that I always feel bloated on bread-eating days, so I decided that as an experiment, I would try to give it up, at least for a week, to see if there was any discernable difference in how I feel.

On an average bread day, I used to have 4-8 slices, though at the weekend probably only 2. Or 0 if I went clubbing.

Anyway, a week into it and I have to say it hasn’t been easy – I’ve been so used to two sandwiches at work – I’ve had to fill it with something which has been some kind of salad concoction, not as satisfying as a nice big sandwich though.

I think I have actually eaten more, and haven’t lost weight like some other people have reported. I do seem to feel like I have more energy though I’m not sure whether than is real or imaginery.

I am yet to reach a conclusion.

Has anyone else given up bread and felt better for it?

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