The Costs Of Being Single

And welcome to Monday. Great, isn’t it?

And to cheer me up, I have discovered evidence that being single is going to cost me £250,000.00 more over my lifetime than it would have done if I were as part of a couple. This is due to the expenses of housing, bills and holidays all being more for a single person than for one person living as part of a couple.

Damn it, I thought I was being pretty economically efficient.

There I was thinking that I was saving loads of money on subsidising a woman’s shopping habits, not having the expense of flowers, no Valentine’s day expenses, no extra presents on Christmas – but no that apparently pales into significance.

To be fair, if I wasn’t single, then the above-mentioned expenses would probably be mitigated by me spending less on socialising, drinking, etc.

So if any young single woman who can cope with my love of house/techno fancies being economically efficient with me, your applications will now be welcomed.

I have to say that I am finding women rather more attractive since I discovered that they could potentially make me more economically efficient.

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2 responses to “The Costs Of Being Single

  1. Hmm an economically efficient woman. I'm sure they exist…absolutely but to be honest if there was a selection of based on various efficiencies I'd still go for the one with the biggest knockers 🙂

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