Brown Is Back

No, not Phil Brown, but the shameful Gordon Brown.

Firstly amusingly, I hear that he invited 70 Labour MPs to his office for a reception the other day, but laughably only 10 turned up.  Shows how respected he is within his own party.

But scarily, he is publishing his own book.  Included in this book will be advice from Gordon Brown on measures that the world should adopt to overcome the financial crisis.


That is like me offering advice on sobriety in night-clubs.

One note of minor consolation is that his profits from the book will go to charities associated with him.  Though I would far rather it go back to repay some of the huge debt that we have because of his failed socialist anti-Tory policies.

I’ll get over my anger with him one day, but only when the economy and society has been repaired to a reasonable extent.

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