Friends Keep You Alive

Finally there is proof (story link in title) that having a good network of friends can increase your survival chances by up to 50%

So I was right all along that my fabulous network of friends is keeping me alive (as well as happy…and inspired).

It is a significant study, having studied 300,000 people in 4 continents over 7 years.

Though it does state that having few friends is as damaging to survival as smoking 15 cigarettes or being an alcoholic.

So does having lots of fantastic friends, and drinking lots with them every week cancel out each other?

So therefore I might only have an average life-span?  But if it is filled with the amount of fabulous, funny, enjoyable moments I’ve had since meeting the best group of friends possible 4 years ago then the next 40-50 years should be pretty damn fantastic.

Thanks for increasing my life-span too, much love xx

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