Bus Drivers Are Wankers

I seemingly made a fundamental mistake this morning in thinking that Reading Buses provides a service for their customers.

I saw the bus at the bus stop (ok perhaps 20cm away from it) having just picked up passengers, now with it’s door closed and waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Surely he could let me on too?  But no.  A deligerent shake of the head and I am left waiting for the next bus.

I cannot understand any reason why he could not let me on.  Though I did think beforehand that I should not bother as I have on several occasions seen bus drivers not pick up passengers (I would call us customers but clearly this is not how Reading Buses see us as we are clearly just a hindrance) that were perfectly ok to pick up so maybe it is my fault.

However, other bus companies seem to go out of their way to pick up passengers.  So why not Reading Buses?

I have concluded that all Reading Buses’ bus drivers are wankers.

And as such, I am going to withdraw my politeness.  From now on, whenever I have to get a Reading Buses bus (and I do have another company I can choose which are slightly cheaper but I have to leave my house earlier as it gets stuck in traffic usually) I am not going to say please or thank you.

I do not see why I should remain polite to a bunch of wankers.  They do not deserve it.  I like to think that generally I have an above-average level of politeness but I am now withdrawing it to those who do not deserve it.


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5 responses to “Bus Drivers Are Wankers

  1. It is annoying – but its both a health and safety and a scheduling thing. Its the same as train doors being locked 30 seconds before the train leaves – to stop people jumping on just as it sets off and falling under the wheels!
    Its not the bus drivers fault – if one of their bosses saw them picking you up at an undesignated stop – they would get into trouble!

    We all have seemingly unreasonable rules to stick to at work – and as someone who deals with members of the public, I'd ask you to go out of your way to be nice to them, as they have enough weirdos and rude people to deal with without someone going out of their way to be rude to them because of a regulation they haven't made.


  2. Had this sort of reaction in Newcastle from bus drivers. Not all but a lot are UTTER WANKERS.
    But then would you want do do the job .( Nil status,low pay and only losers should apply)

  3. I can think of worse jobs.

    Strangely enough though, it does seem as if Reading Buses drivers have been on a customer awareness course or something, they seem more friendly and customer-focused in recent months – well they achknowledge the customers anyway, which is a big improvement from staring blankly.

  4. its the same in aberdeen! Utter wankers every one of them rude and arrogant! They go on some kind of power trip when they get behind the wheel of these machines, but then again if i was only getting £7 an hour to deal with the public i'd be pissed off to! But they chose that career not me so why take it out on there "customers" if you was to walk in to a shop and get spoken to like the way some of these wankers speak to you i for one would knock the c**t out!!

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