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Well there is very little in my inbox today, so apart from reading the news and trying to discover hot new tunes for me (and you if you want to know?), I am going to do some online training.  Oh and decide what cake I would be if I were a cake.

But I am offering you the chance to pick which course I do – first person to post a comment here or Facebook gets to choose.

Life couldn’t be more exciting could it?

Here is the list – don’t fall asleep:

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity Awareness

Managing Conflict

Positive Work Environment: Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

Project Management Fundamentals, Part Two

Project Management Fundamentals, Part One

Investigating the Problem

Microsoft Office Access 2003: Level 4

Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Level 3

Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Level 2

Effective Management: Developing as a Manager

Effective Management: Cultivating Great Teams

Effective Management: Creating Successful Solutions

Developing and Leading an Effective Team

Change Management for Employees

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