Cocoon Ibiza – Party Animals

So the theme for Cocoon Ibiza this year is ‘Party Animals’.

Some people question why a club night should have a theme – isn’t all about the music?

Sure, it would be nothing without the music but I’m all for a little silliness and entertainment, whenever I go to Cocoon especially in Ibiza, there is always something going on around me, it is impossible to get bored, always something to look at – whether that be new dancers, crazy costumes, videos, lighting effects, Sven being…well…Sven.

And this encourages the crowd to be more entertaining in themselves too. And it makes the most amazing party atmosphere. Anyone who knows me will know how much of a dislike I have for any kind of fancy dress but for Cocoon closing party last year, I did feel the need to have glittery stuff on my eyes and face (sadly no photos). No-one else has persuaded me to dress up!

Anyway, video in the title link for the making of the Cocoon photo-shoot – anyone who loves Cocoon will love the video. And those of you that don’t know what Cocoon is all about, well you are seriously missing out (but don’t tell everyone as Amnesia in Ibiza only holds 6000 people).

So the only question left is, will I finally be allowed in with a football shirt on?

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