Leaders Debate Number 2 – I Have An Opinion!

Well, I enjoyed that debate last night, especially the first 45 minutes which was on International Affairs as it was billed.

Why it went back to questions which were very similar to the week before, I do not know. That disappointed me.

What tickled me most is that last week Gordon Brown was doing everything he could to cosy up to Nick Clegg, but this week he was attacking him at every opportunity.

If the country cannot see through how duplicitous and abhorrent Gordon Brown is, then we deserve everything he has brung and will bring.

I actually have quite a bit of sympathy for Labour supporters, as much as I might disagree with their general idealogy, they have a desperate, dispickable dictator leading them, who doesn’t represent what they believe, he just represents himself. But none of the other parties are representing them either.

Unlike disaffected ex-Conservatives who think they are too left-wing – they can vote for UKIP. If you believe in socialism and traditional Labour values then you really don’t actually have anyone to vote for.

Anyway, back to the plot (ho ho ho is there a plot?), I think David Cameron did well last night and I am satisfied.

I still think there is a lot to play for and I suspect that there will be an event that will change things. Perhaps a natural disaster, perhaps a terrorist incident, or an economic shock…perhaps the passing away of dear Maggie Thatcher?

She is a frail old woman who arouses deep passions of gratitude and anger across society. Imagine if she passed away during the next couple of weeks. What would be the consequences? Would she get a state funeral as had been previously suggested? How would the argument about it affect voting intentions?

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