Complaint: Lost Wickets & Short-Dated Chicken

From last year…


Hi Sainsbury’s

I note that you haven’t responded to my first complaint, dated 31/10/2015 about the recent quality of your fruit and vegetables.  This is concerning.

I did however send it to so I am sending my second complaint here.

I have told you time and again that when I make my food order, I need the chicken I order to last all week, as I have salad for lunch.

Imagine my disappointment this morning, when I see that England have already lost 4 wickets, and my chicken has gone off.  This means I now have to go to Morrisons at lunch.  Time and money I didn’t want to have to spend.  Not to mention that we have pretty much lost the test series against Pakistan now, but I don’t blame you for that.

Please can you respond to both complaints.

Kind regards


Dear James

Thanks for contacting us.

I can understand your concern when you discovered that England had lost 4 wickets, almost as alarming as your chicken being off.  I’m sorry that on this occasion both England and Sainsbury’s has let you down.

I can confirm that we haven’t received you previous email regarding your fruit and vegetables, our email address is

I’ve shared your email with the online manager, who’ll speak with the team to ensure this is a one off occurrence.  I’ve created an evoucher for £15 to cover he cost of the chicken plus extra to cover your fruit and vegetables.  The code is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

We appreciate he time you’ve taken and fingers crossed England’s cricket team improve their performance on the pitch.

Kind regards

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Customer Manager

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