Could You Change Football Club Allegiance?

Just in case you have been living under a rock, there is a
delicate issue of an application to change my football club’s name from Hull
City AFC to Hull Tigers which the FA are due to either approve or reject
You have no excuse not to know about it – football fans in
France and Germany have both displayed “No To Hull Tigers” banners
(independently – no influence from any Hull City fans that anyone is aware of),
cricket fans in the West Indies have displayed such a flag and I have a badge
on my coat.
So tomorrow the FA should reject the name change.  Not guaranteed as they are well-known for making stupid mistakes, and it is unlikely to be the end of it as the owner will probably launch a legal challenge.
But if they do reject it, the owner is going to walk out and put the club up for sale within 24 hours.  Apparently.  Just before our first FA Cup semi-final for 80 years and probably the highest ever finish in the league.  I believe him.
So the question is – can one change football club allegience during their life?
This isn’t some kind of childhood changing my mind – like when I was 9 years old when I decided to relegate Liverpool as my main team in favour of glory-supporting a club more likely to win things, Hull City AFC.

This would be turning my back on my club after 25 or so years of emotional investment.
However if they were now called Hull Tigers – surely this is a total change of the club’s identity?  It would be like your wife having a sex change – would you stay married or divorce her?
I like to think that I am exceptionally loyal but this name change would be disloyalty to me.  I didn’t start this.
So could I support another team?  What happens if we qualify for Europe next season?
There is no way myself and other fans would take the change lying down.  We have hounded out owners before and it could be done again.  I quite fancy a vigilante campaign – West Hull was covered with “Sack Dolan” stickers circa 1996/97, and Martin Fish (an old chairman) had newly designed “Fish Out” posters through his accountancy firm’s letterbox every Friday lunch during college terms – those Fridays where our alcoholic IT teacher turned up anyway.
I didn’t send cod’s heads to any football league chairman though.
Hull City AFC stickers would be very easy to print and distribute.
Then there is the route that Man Utd and Wimbledon fans have gone down – with FC United and AFC Wimbledon – opening another club as Hull City FYA (Fuck You Allam (our current owner)) – and starting at the bottom of the pyramid – this would be very appealing as I miss shit football.  There really are not enough hoofs in the Premiership.  Too many whores, not enough hoofs.
Hopefully come Wednesday I can change the badge on my coat to the one I got on my birthday a couple of years ago that says “I’m horny”.
I would be interested in your thoughts and in the meantime I leave you with a song from the good old days of Division 3 football.
To the tune of Common People by Pulp,

He came from Rochdale with a lack of knowledge
He studied management at Bradford College
That’s where I, caught his eye
He told me that he was a manager
I said: `In that case you’d better come and manage us’
He said: `Fine’
And then, in three seasons’ time
He said: `I want to take you to the Vauxhall Conference
I want to do whatever Halifax do
I want to sign lots of crap old players
I want to watch this club slide out of view
And hoof, and hoof and hoof
Because there’s nothing left to do

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