Defending The Indefensible: Conspiracy Theorists

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have spent wasted, a lot of time arguing with those who are deluded enough to believe in conspiracy theories.

But I like to take up a contrary position now and again so I am going to attempt to defend them.

Firstly, conspiracy theory writers/developers are capitalists at heart, pure and simple.

Forget their guff about Bilderberg bankers using mind control to make us slaves to the banking corporations – those that follow the conspiracy theorists are making the conspiracy writers rich, filthy rich, like a banker.

There are books to be sold, DVDs, Hollywood even use some of them as scripts.  They speak on tours, write for newspapers – these conspiracy developers are just a form of entertainer/writer – just like JK Rowling, except dragons and magic tend to be less imaginary.

Take Alex Jones, a well-known total nutbag, albeit quite entertaining in short bursts, see the clip below – now worth an estimated $8million.  One assumes he keeps this money in his house instead of one of those evil banks.

Skip to 4:30 if you don’t have time to watch it all – the end is golden.

Yes, of course he has DVDs for sale on Amazon though some of them are out of stock.  Are you thinking what I’m not thinking?

I love capitalism, it is a brilliant albeit imperfect system and conspiracy developers are excellent capitalists.

And for those who simply believe in these theories?

Well conspiracy theories tend to come from situations that generate fear within people, whether that be a president being shot, terrorist attacks, wars, the Royal Family being lizards or planes disappearing.

Sometimes these have confusing explanations, no explanation or too simple an explanation – for example, people may not want to believe that someone random might want to shoot a president.

Fear and uncertainty is created within certain people who are seeking different answers, and conspiracy theories fill those gaps and make the believer’s world a bit more certain.

If you suddenly have an answer to everything that you cannot understand, then you can go on with your life with less worry, be more productive, contribute more to society, etc.

Kind of in a similar way to those who find god, finding answers to the questions they have which can steer them away from destructive and sometimes even criminal paths.

We should welcome conspiracy theories as they are a calming influence on those not willing or able to believe the actual events.  They may even help reduce depression, crime and violence?

Now and again they are even right, such as the Suez War cover-up in the 1950’s.

And sometimes they are just plain hilarious – like that Wingdings predicted 9/11.  This is the result for Q33NY – which is the flight number for one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers:

See – Microsoft predicted 9/11.

So next time you find yourself being told that the Jewish Rothschilds bankers have brainwashed you by one of the very few people that are able to see the truth (or have spent too much time watching Russia Today), just remember to thank them for contributing positively to capitalism and society at large, re-assuring the public and therefore allowing our governments to govern successfully (well except Labour of course).


Upcoming in this new series – defending bankers, and defending Ed Miliband.  Please +1, share and like and stuff like that.

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