Date For Your Diary – I Think Somebody Loves Me

Before I get to it, I must just get something off my chest.  I work for a huge global corporation, who now generally only employ graduates – it being such a large building, there are of course jobs there that do not require such qualifications and business experience, such as the cleaners, or catering staff, who are all very polite and respectful.

On coming down to the breakfast bar this morning, there was a group of three…people (I cannot think of anything to class them as) causing chaos by the breakfast bar, as if they owned it, and wouldn’t let anyone else get in their way, for they needed to cut the fat off the bacon and spread their arms out in an obnoxious ‘this is for me and me only’ kind of attitude – the thing that really got to me was when the girl said “Oh you do the tea-cakes, I cahnt take that smell up my nose”.  Who the hell were they?  Please say not new employees.  I know they sublet parts of the building to other companies, but wow – the rudeness and ignorance…horrid…horrid.

So onto the thing I wanted to blog about – somebody loves me!  No, not a response from the online dating messages I sent requesting someone caring, affectionate with a passion for ironing and cleaning.

For the second year in a row, Hull City are away at Reading on my birthday weekend.  January 21st for the game.  22nd for my birthday.  On the off-chance that you don’t understand my excitement of this, I shall remind you that I was born in the slightly neglected but beautiful city of Hull and spent the first 18 years of my life there until I came to Reading, saw how good this place was, and never left.

Someone is looking down on me after all 🙂

Oh, if anyone is bothered about what I am doing this weekend – tonight is a roadtrip to a pub in Birmingham with a couple of good friends DJing, sounds like a good venue.

Oh and I have just discovered this gem, I used to stay at the Catalina Apartments in Ibiza, I did have a grim experience there come to think of it…

Ibiza…I so want to go…but how?!

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