Sainsbury’s & Their Crap Plastic Bags

I refuse to lay down and take these crap plastic bags that Sainsbury’s have introduced, so of course, I wrote them an e-mail to complain…


Subject: Shit Bags

Dear Sir

I don’t know if I was having an off-day but the quality of your in-store orange plastic bags that I used for my purchases today, was very low and I did not enjoy the strain on my fingers when using them to carry my shopping home.

One of the reasons that I avoid Tesco is for their shoddy, cheap plastic bags.

If this is going to be a re-occurring thing, then this will discourage me from using Sainsburys.

I know that there is an argument that I should take a decent shopping bag with me in the first place, and when I go out with the intention of going shopping, then I generally do so, but much of the time, I have not had the intention of going shopping in the first place.

Please sort it out if you require my continued custom.

This was from the Broad Street store in Reading.

Kind regards


I got a pretty non-committal response, but at least they know of my concerns.  I have not yet been back to test their bags to see if they have re-instated the decent ones.  They do at least appreciate me taking the time to contact them.


Dear James

Thanks for your email. I’m sorry that the bags you were given during your recent visit were of bad quality. I can understand your disappointment as one of the reasons you shop with us, rather than with our competitors, is the quality of the plastic bags.

I’ve forwarded your comments to the appropriate department for consideration. We’re always looking to improve on the quality whilst decreasing the environmental impact of our plastic bags, and your feedback helps us do just that.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and look forward to seeing you in store again soon.

Kind regards

Henrik Thornqvist
Customer Manager

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