Days Like Today

It didn’t take me too long to realise today was going to be one of those days.

Tuesdays after clubbing are always particularly testing, both phsyically and psychologically.

I woke up at 430am.  Nothing unusual about that but I couldn’t get back to sleep.
The rush hour annoyed me more than usual.  I couldn’t put my finger on it but it did.
I spoke to some proper miserable fuckers on the phone, probably rude people too.  Sort it out.
I’ve had worse mornings at work but I was hungry and tetchy so really looking forward to sorting it out with a big fat sandwich at Morrison’s (the only place in walking distance from work) or some hot food like stuffing balls…but I wasn’t really feeling the hot food after the walk.
Sadly, Morrison’s had no electricity and hence no fresh products for sale.  No hot food, no sandwiches, no sandwich meat, no sausage rolls.  The list goes on.  So I ended up with scones for lunch.  And they were burnt.
So get back to work and some twat in another team decides to piss me off.  I cannot really say why on my blog but he was out of order.  I cannot say anything as I need my job.
And then the heat in the office started to get too much as it reached 29’C, and the dreadful stuffiness too.  We don’t have air conditioning.  It really doesn’t help when you have lots to do but you feel flustered with the heat.  No wonder the Spanish get nothing done.
And finally, time to go home.
But no, South West Trains decided against that.  Though finally after a while a train was scheduled to stop at Bracknell station.  And it flew by.
And then I found something to eat at Sainsburys but the queue was way too long for my now fractured patience.

But every cloud has a silver lining as I walked out with my empty basket, only realising when I got to M&S and seeing how cheap it looked to theirs.  Surprised they didn’t kick me out.  Especially as I was baring my recently-shaved chest for the ladies.

Speaking of which, if any ladies showing leg today are reading – thank you.  You saved me from putting windows through on the train when the damn thing finally arrived.

And now I cannot get into my shorts as I have put way too much weight on.  Idiot.  But as much as I am desperate to lose weight, I really cannot get into the mindset.

Anyway, karma is going to strike in a good way tomorrow as I have the day off so I can do whatever the hell I like.  And I am going to sunbathe, after getting up early, getting my hair cut, buying some shoes – and you never know there might be a thunderstorm?

Just one of those days today.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow, so much to achieve, no work and lots of sunshine.

Oh and the pizza I wasn’t going to eat until I weighed myself is ready, yum flipping yum.  Show us your bum

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