Desiring Excitement

I’ve been feeling the daily grind recently, especially this week.  My job is not the problem but the time taken up by commuting is annoying. I feel that I am lacking a bit of fun in my life – always working, commuting or studying, and if not then doing laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah.  Even some weekends I have to stay in.  Where has the fun gone?  Where is the excitement?

Oh for some sunshine and a holiday. Just a couple of sunny days would do.  Sunny days not at work. It can rain every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for all I care, especially as the air conditioning still will not work this year, of that I am sure of.  Again – nothing changes.

On a totally unrelated note, I am remembering the days when work was abundant, around 10-12 years ago, and I went for an interview at a mortgage company, in Bracknell, it would have been around £5k a year more than I was earning then.  Apparently they really liked me but for one thing.  The agency were furious with me afterwards.  I thought I was being perfectly reasonable in my demands.

The reason why I didn’t get the job was because I told the prospective employer that I didn’t like speaking to people on the phone.  I just refused to work on the phone.  I didn’t want a job which involved telephone conversations with strangers.

I am quite tickled looking back that I thought that would be perfectly acceptable!

Within a year I was telephoning bank customers to advise fraud had taken place.  I can change.

I get some interesting phone calls in this job.  10% of people I speak to are lovely.  80% are boring, and mostly miserable.  Some are really miserable – nobody likes paying.  And 10% are really angry.

Anyway, the plan is in action to change course, one I wish I had enacted several years ago but never mind.  I published a new feature on my website last night – an interview with Christopher Wells – one half of CUBED.  I thought this was quite a coup for Ubereadoolishce.

Next up is to design the logo.  I think it will look really good but I need to learn Photoshop first, and have 24 days left to do so.  The pressure is on.  If only I didn’t have to commute 2.5 hours every damn day.

Why don’t I move to Bracknell?  Now there is an idea…

Tonight I am going to CUBED.  In Reading.  It is good, I recommend it.  I am excited.  Join me.

Next Thursday could be my highlight of the year so far, the excitement I have been waiting for.  Nina Kraviz.  With a few of my favourite most delightful friends – yes more than one friend this time.

Cruelly, Ricardo is back at fabric at the end of April but I doubt I will have a dancing partner.  And certainly won’t have any money.

I want a holiday.  And guess what?  I am having a holiday to Hull at the beginning of May.  I dreamt last night that Hull City got promoted.  I cannot wait to be in Hull for the promotion party.  Hope we get tickets as I want to go on the pitch at the end.

Excitement over.  Back to work.  Delusion is delightful.

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