Diet Research: Hot Cross Bun Day

So in the name of scientific research and to help Jamie Oliver with research for his next cook-book, I undertook an experiment that I ingeniously name Hot Cross Bun Day.

For breakfast, I had 1.5 hot cross buns, all toasted, 2 halves with rhubarb and ginger jam, the remaining one with my remaining plum jam.

So far so good.

For my mid-morning snack, I had one hot cross bun with strawberry jam.

By lunch I was getting a bit fed up with a slight sickly feeling to the stomach, but one has to go on in the name of scientific research.

Two hot cross buns, one with strawberry jam, the other with blueberry jam.  I was so engrossed in watching porn on the work computer that I forgot to take a photo.  I am sure you can use your imagination.

I couldn’t bear to have a mid-afternoon snack and I really wasn’t looking forward to dinner.

But then I had a brainwave.  Or two.  Guess what I did?

Yes, first I tried cheese on hot cross buns for les entrees as they said in la Francais – one half with cheddar, one half with red leicester, the other with butter.  With some ketchup.

Actually quite decent.  Though not quite as good as a cheese sandwich.  Which I don’t ever have.

So guess what I had for de piece de la resistance?

Yeah I’m going to do one of those things to keep you guessing…

Like the way I am building up the suspense?

Clever isn’t it?

But not as clever as what I actually had for dinner…

Oh yeah.

It was pretty good.

But I would have preferred a pie.  Or some chicken.  Or just some bread with gravy.

I have learnt that man can survive on just hot cross buns for a day.
I am slightly more tired.
I do have a slight sickly feeling to the stomach, and have done most of the day.
I lost a 0.5kg in weight.  Though I also lost 0.5kg in weight yesterday with my normal diet.
My poo was normal.
I won’t be having dessert.
I won’t be doing another hot cross bun day.
I may never eat another hot cross bun.

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