Cultural Tour of Hull

A couple of good friends of mine went to Rome this
weekend.  But Rome is so last millennium when
it comes to culture, so I went to the true City of Culture this weekend, Hull.
Starting with the most obvious which was fish and
chips.  The round thing is a pattie.  You won’t get fish like that down here you
southern puffs.  Get to Hull.  Get fish.
If you want culture, the best stop is usually the tourist
information office.  So we made this our
first visit on Saturday.  I asked the
lady what she could recommend – her response was the very helpful, “Well there isn’t
much really going on”.  Though we did eventually wangle out of her that there was some kind of fete going on in the museum quarter.

Appropriately re-assured about the City of Culture title, we headed towards the
Fruit Market area, supposedly Hull’s Shoreditch, to visit the Museum of Club
It was a small building with some random photos and posters with no particular theme and no sense of what particular clubbing scene they related to.  Hull has never really had a nightlife to write about, except in hooliganism books, and still doesn’t.
We continued our walk through the clearly Shoreditch-influenced Fruit Market area, with it’s thoughtful street art.

Then we stumbled across Hull’s PREMIER dinosaur experience.  Upon paying £3 each, we wandered around an exhibition of plastic dinosaurs and random red buttons.
So we headed to the fete, which was ok and has some classic examples of how some people still dress in Hull.
We followed this up by a walk over the new £7million bridge to nowhere and had a quick look at Hull beach (apparently a young lady got stuck down there on Sunday morning around 1am).
A superb home-made burger and a pint of Yorkshire Cider later, in a very charming local pub and we were ready to go shopping.  I found some sweets and some Fairy liquid.

We tried to call home from the phone box but some vandals had cut off the phone.  Which reminds me I did that once too.
Last but not least, actually it is the least, we found England’s smallest window – Hull’s greatest claim to fame.
I was also most amused by the advice given by Hull Trains (yes we are that important that we have our own train company), as to what to do if you get thirsty.
I’m all Hulled out.
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