DJ Mag Top 100 Results

So, it is official, house music is better than trance.

I am so pleased that DJ Mag readers are feeling the David Guetta vibes over the trancey Armin Van Buuren blurb.  After all, we have just gone to war with France in Libya, so the French deserve a reward – where are the Dutch in international politics?

So, yes David Guetta is number one, but who else stands out?

Sadly, one of the DJs I voted for, Paris Hilton, has not made the top 100 yet, but she has been to DC10 so I am sure she will be in the top 100 next year.

Dash Berlin moves up to 8th place.  You may wonder why you haven’t heard of him?  I respond that you clearly need to pay more attention to the dance music scene, because he was in the top 100 last year.

ATB is still hanging around at number 15, remember “do do do do do do do do do”, or 9PM Till I Come – did it really reach number 1 in the UK 12 years ago or was that my imagination?  Anyway, I really want to see Ricardo remix this track in his avant-garde way.

Number 17 is Headhunterz.  If you can listen to that for the whole 57 minutes then you win a prize.  I am not sure what the prize is yet though.

At number 22 is Aly & Fela, I thought I should give them a mention because there has been a revolution in Egypt and they are from Egypt and play trance in Egypt.  Maybe they got everyone into such a trance that they got rid of Hosni Mubarak?

Number 32 – Chuckie…
Number 35 – Noisecontrollers…

Number 39 – Angerfist…

Where do these DJs get their names from?  What is wrong with using your own name?

And it gets even better, one of the DJs I voted for, Boy George (he sent me an e-mail asking him to vote for him so I thought, ok I will) came in at number 90.

And then squeezing in at number 97 is a DJ that I have actually been to see this year, this German guy called Sven Vath (yes I know I should put umloughts or whatever they are but I have an English keyboard) who I actually quite like.

Sadly I have to wait until 27th October to see if I made it to number 101 or something like that.  I hope they produce medals this time, I want to feel like an Olympic athlete, as I bet that fast guy from Jamaica cannot go to Cocoon at Amnesia after an all-day drinking session and then host an after-party at a villa and get on the decks to play some funky minimal.

Granted it was in 2009 but I still feel I should be able to reap the rewards of that most successful set which is becoming increasingly legendary across the internet.  Or legendary across this blog post perhaps.  Or maybe not.  You had to be there to experience the magic.

Feel free to pay for my flights to Ibiza in 2012, and I will happily DJ for you at your villa, for free.

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  1. I know the DJ mag has long lost any credibility but my god does this year take the biscuit.At least 5 djs on the list(headhunteez,Angerfist,..)are completely unlistenable,offensively bad,ear stabbingly brutal purveyors of horrible music.Apart from that immeasurable ammount of cheesy,overtly commercial and simply shit DJs has all been mentioned and seen before howeverb never to this extent…….well be sticking to the Resident Advisor list as always…..

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