My Advice To Richie Hawtin

Following on from my blog post about the top 100 DJs, I have come across an example of someone perhaps being a little up his own backside.

Yes, Mr Richie Hawtin.

I quote, “Is this “DJ” pulling records behind him?  Is this Berlin 2011 or NYC/Detroit/Chicago 1988?  How far we’ve come and how little we’ve progressed!”.

Firstly I will say that I have a lot of respect for much of what Richie Hawtin has done, including some of his music, his early DJ sets and setting up a well-established label m-nus.

I admire his love of technology.

Why can he not admire a man’s love of music?

He has apologised on his Facebook page, and we all make comments we shouldn’t, myself included so I am not holding it against him, and I have seen interviews with him and I think he is generally quite well grounded, but if he is thinking this way then maybe he needs to realise that there are different types of performers.  I personally prefer those performers with records that they put on and press play, as opposed to the Richie Hawtin type of performer who plays music with computers and technology stuff and distorts the original sounds to what they themselves want it to be sounding like.

Each to their own, no reason to be quite so disrespectful.

I imagine it to be a similar argument to artists using acrylics rather than watercolours?  I could probably think of a better acronym but you know what I mean 😉

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