Fantasy Fund Manager

I thought I should have a go at playing the City – in fantasy of course due to lack of real money (not sure the bank would lend it to me just to invest in shares?).

I have always fancied that I could get my brain around the City and make lots of money out of doing so if I put the time and effort into it, but I’m not convinced that I would ever want to, or that I would enjoy the kind of lifestyle that goes with it.

So they give you an imaginary £100,000.00 and you have to decide which funds to invest. I did the following:

JPMorgan Global Ex UK Bond 15,000.00
JPMorgan Global High Yield Bond 10,000.00
First State Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan US Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan US Smaller Companies IT plc 12,000.00
Threadneedle American Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan Brazil Investment Trust plc 18,000.00
Premier Renewable Energy 9,000.00

I trust you won’t need an explanation as to why I picked them? Anyone think they can do better than me? I’m up for the challenge. Let me know if you sign up (you can click lucky draw rather than have to try to work out what the hell they are talking about).

I promise not to talk finance too often! It is a bit of a head-fuck at times.

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  1. You picked the wrong funds. US market if finished, they will overdose with the stimulus. And bonds with 3-4% return can hardly catch up with double digit inflation. Should have put half in gold funds.

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